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Why learners should be encouraged to have thier own blogs?

Teachers start their involvement with blogs by reading them and commenting on other peoples blogs. You’ll reach a pinnacle of blogging when you succeed in motivating some of your learners to become bloggers.

The following are the things that learners benefit from blogging:

Improvement of literacy competencies: Writing skills of participating learners are improving and reading becomes a pleasure to them. Since learners will want to post pictures and even video clips on their blogs, they will also develop new literacy skills.

Research and interviewing skills: When learners gather information for their blog posting they develop research and interviewing skill and when responding to comments on their blogs, they will also develop new literacy skills.

Blogging knocks down the walls of the classroom: Learners who blog move into a learning community away from the classroom, one that is accessible to them anywhere and anytime. Their virtual classroom is open 24/7 allowing them to learn irrespective of time and place.

Forum for reserved learners: Blogs provide for those with verbal communication challenges- to express their thoughts. In classrooms where inclusive education is practiced, blogs can be a great help to teachers as they provide learners with an alternative communication platform, which may help to build confidence and communication skills.

For learners to benefit from blogging, they will need regular access to technology. Learners may not have computers at home. This means that a teacher must ensure that sufficient time is available for them to access the school’s technology, preferably outside the school hours.